De Reeva Pangong

De Reeva Pangong Premium Cottages, nestled in the scenic village of Man at Pangong Lake, offers a truly enchanting getaway experience. With its breathtaking views and serene surroundings, this accommodation is an ideal choice for travelers seeking tranquility and natural beauty.

The resort features 16 well-designed and comfortable cottages, each thoughtfully crafted to provide a delightful stay. The highlight of these cottages is their big windows, allowing guests to soak in the mesmerizing panoramic views of Pangong Lake right from the comfort of their rooms. Whether it's the crystal-clear blue waters or the majestic mountains surrounding the lake, guests can enjoy these captivating sights throughout their stay.

  • Man, Pangong 194101 UT Ladakh
  • +91-9682167361
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Rooms of De Reeva Pangong

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Pangong Cottage

Experience the allure of the Premium Wooden Cottage at Pangong. With a queen-size bed, stunning lake views from the big window, a night sky gazing open roof, and a private balcony, this cozy retreat offers a luxurious and tranquil getaway in the heart of nature.

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Private Balcony
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pangong04/15/2024   →   10/15/2024₹6500
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Guests 1
Ages 18+
Ages 1 - 5